Non Integrated Shipping

[Non Integrated Shipping] What is Bullmart Non Integrated Shipping?

Bullmart Non Integrated Shipping refer to third-party logistics providers that have not integrated their system with Bullmart. Shipping options by Bullmart Non Integrated Shipping include sellers’ own delivery fleet and other logistics providers.

As such, tracking of your order would be limited on Bullmart App, where tracking numbers will not be available and you will not be notified when your order has been delivered.

[Non Integrated Shipping] Do I have other shipping options besides Bullmart Supported Logistics?

If seller decided not to use our Bullmart Supported Logistics, seller may enable the Others shipping option from Bullmart Seller Center. 


To enable Others Shipping Option, the steps are as below:


  1. Login to your Seller Center

2. Go to Shipping Setting

3. Enable More Shipping Option

[Non Integrated Shipping] What are the shipping options under non-Bullmart Supported Logistics (non-BSL)?

Shipping options under non-SSL includes Others (West Malaysia) and Others (East Malaysia). 


Non-BSL are the third-party logistics providers that have not integrated their system with Bullmart. Sellers are able to use the non-BSL shipping channel with valid reasons, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Seller’s own fleet (SOF)
  • Other logistics providers (OLP)
  • No shipping required (e.g.: Digital/Virtual Goods, Buyer Self Collect)
  • Dropshipper


If you choose to ship using non-BSL, do note that: 

  • You will need to prepare all the relevant delivery documents and complete the order fulfilment by yourself, from order preparation, shipment, to delivery. 
  • Bullmart will not support pickup for your shipments.
  • Your parcel will not be trackable via Bullmart App or Seller Centre.
  • Bullmart will not be liable for any missing or damaged parcels.