Free Shipping Program

[Free Shipping Program] What happens when the total weight of the product(s) is more than the Bullmart Free Shipping Voucher subsidy cap?

When buyer places an order with a seller that has participated in Bullmart Free Shipping Program, we will be able to auto calculate the payment required as long as the estimated shipping fees applicable to ship this order to buyer’s address. 

In the event where buyer uses Free Shipping Voucher to purchase multiple items from your store but the total weight of all items in said order has collectively exceeded the weight covered by Free Shipping Program, buyer will need to pay for shipping fees of exceeded amount during their checkout. 

[Free Shipping Program] How are Free Shipping Program's shipping fees calculated by Bullmart?

Shipping fees are calculated based on chargeable weight between the actual weight or volumetric weight of the product updated by the seller, whichever is higher.

Please be reminded that the volumetric weight is the dimensional weight that can be calculated as per below:

  1. Standard Delivery – ( Length X Width X Height ) ÷ 5000 = Weight in KG *

If the Actual Shipping Fees payable to Integrated Shipping Partners is more than the Estimated Shipping Fees calculated using weight updated from our system, the extra charges will be deducted from your escrow payment. Thus, it is important to ensure you have updated the correct weight to prevent escrow payment deduction.