Seller Basics

[Seller Basics] Why I failed to register my new account?

All buyers must sign up for a new account before they are being able to make their purchase. 

Below are some of the common reasons why one may fail to sign up for a new account in Bullmart:

  1. Your mobile number has been registered in Bullmart
  2. You had entered the wrong mobile number
  3. You had entered the first number “0” of your phone number

If your phone number has been registered in Bullmart, please try to recalling your password to allow you to login instead. Otherwise you may also click on “Forgot Password” to allow our system to send you an OTP for you to reset your password. 

[Seller Basics] How do I change my shop name?

To change your shop name via Seller Centre, go to the Shop Profile page via the sidebar menu > Enter new Shop Name > Save.

[Seller Basics] What is the packaging material needed?

To ensure that buyers receive their orders in good condition, the right packing techniques and materials are required. 


Here are some general guidelines for packing:

For fragile products that require special handling, labelling stickers should be placed visibly to ensure that the logistics provider is aware. 

[Seller Basics] Buyer complains that their order stuck in “To Pay” but payment had been done, what should I Do?

It is unfortunate that some orders may experience a delay in response ranging from a few minutes to several hours, especially during peak campaign day or during server processing downtime. Such delays usually happen due to the sudden increase in traffic causing a server overload and longer processing / payment synchronising time. This may cause some buyers to be anxious about their orders and may ask you questions regarding their payment status.

We understood that sellers yourself will also feel helpless when asked such questions, what sellers could do at that moment is to:

  1. Request a screenshot of the customer’s “To Pay” page or their Order ID.
  2. Request a screenshot of the payment receipt from the buyer. 


Once seller had received these information, seller can inform Bullmart Customer Service on behalf of the buyer or alternatively inform buyers to check with Bullmart Customer Service directly to check on the processes directly.

[Seller Basics] How do I get my payment?

Payment made by the buyer will be transferred to your Seller Wallet once the order is completed.


Orders can be completed by the buyer when they confirm that they have received the product by clicking on “Order Received“. The payment will then be released to your Seller Wallet and will be released to your bank account through manual withdrawal.

[Seller Basics] Will I still get my payment if buyer does not click "Order Received" after receiving the product?

If buyer did not click on “Order Received” upon receive the order, you will still receive the payment when the Bullmart Guarantee ends. 

[Seller Basics] How long does it take for sales proceeds to be credited into Seller Wallet?

The payment will be released to seller immediately when buyer click on “Order Received”, or when the order is completed. Seller may go to seller center to check on the remaining balance in seller wallet. 

[Seller Basics] What is Seller Centre?

Bullmart Seller Centre is a desktop platform for sellers to help you manage your shops with greater ease, especially if you have a larger volume of orders. 


Seller Centre offers access to a full suite of seller tools with more functionalities, such as batch tools that let you manage your listings and orders in bulk, enhanced marketing tools, and detailed performance data in Business Insights.

[Seller Basics] What should I include in my product description?

1. Product Descriptions

Good product descriptions contain useful information that helps shoppers better understand what your products offer, which helps them to make informed decisions and reduces the need for inquiry. This includes details such as benefits, specifications, and warranties.


Here are some examples of useful details you can include in product descriptions for products under different categories:


2. Product images

Relevant and high resolution images help to showcase your products clearly to shoppers, elevating the shopping experience.


A good cover image helps to capture shoppers’ attention while browsing, and they should:

  • Show the product and brand clearly.
  • Be taken against a solid coloured background (preferably white).
  • Be well-lit.


The remaining product images should give shoppers a more complete view of your product. They can showcase the product from different angles, how the product is like when used, product variations, etc. 

[Seller Basics] What is Days to Ship?

In Bullmart, sellers are given 3 days to ship out the order upon the order payment is confirmed. If seller doesn’t ship out the order within the given timeframe, the order will be auto cancelled by Bullmart on the fifth day.