[Requests] What are the conditions for a Return Refund Request?

You can apply for a return/refund with the following reasons:

  • I did not receive the product(s) (e.g. missing item, parcel lost in transit)
  • I received incomplete product(s) (e.g. incomplete sets, incomplete parts)
  • I received the wrong product(s) (e.g. wrong size, wrong colour, different product)
  • I received product(s) with physical damage (e.g. dented, broken, scratched)
  • I received faulty product(s) (e.g. malfunctioned, cannot be used)


Certain item categories are non-refundable and any Return/Refund requests made will be reviewed by Dispute Agent to determine if a refund can be made. The following items are non-returnable:


  • Digital Goods & Services, e.g.:
    • e-Tickets & Vouchers
    • e-book
    • Mobile/game top-up
    • Services
    • Computer programs/software
    • Subscription Plans (E.g. Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Hulu)
    • Bill Payment


  • Perishable Goods: Goods that have short shelf life, spoils easily, or quality deteriorate outside their optimum temperature zone e.g.:
    • Fresh Groceries
    • Meat
    • Fruits
    • Vegetable
    • Frozen Goods


Below items are not allowed for return & refund due to hygiene reason:

  • Earrings 
  • Handerchiefs
  • Hosiery
  • Lingerie sets (including women’s shapewear and body shapers) 
  • Underpants
  • Socks
  • Swim Trunks
  • Swimwear (Bikini Bottoms, Bikini Sets, and 1-piece suits) 
[Requests] How do I return my wrong/damaged item once the return request has been confirmed?

Once the return request has been confirmed by the seller or Bullmart Team, pack the item(s) to return and ship it back to the seller within 5 days from the date your return request was approved. Your return request will be cancelled if the parcel was not drop offed within the given days. 


You may choose to return the parcel via two options:

1. Free Buyer Return with Bullmart Supported Logistics – Pgeon

  • The shipping cost for returns will be fully covered if you returned via Drop-Off at Pgeon point. 


2. Self Arrange

  • Return Shipping Cost is borne by buyer when using Self Arrange option. 
[Requests] How long would it take for my refund to be processed?

For successful requests

The refund process will be initiated within 3 to 5 working days for all successful return/refund requests. The refund will be initiated to user’s Bullmart Earnings, and user may withdraw it to your bank account. 


⚠️ Note

The refund process/time taken is also dependent on the nature of your return/refund request. If you are required to return the products, it may take up to 5 working days upon the receipt of the return parcel for a resolution to be drawn. Returned products will be checked by sellers before your request can be approved and processed. 


For unsuccessful requests

If your return/refund request is unsuccessful, the order will be completed when Bullmart Guarantee ends. Payment will only be released to the seller if the dispute concludes in favor of the seller.

[Requests] How do I handle damaged packages?

If the external packaging of the delivered parcel is visibly damaged:

  • Ask the courier if he could wait for you to check the condition of the products. If the courier agrees, check the product and reject the package if it is damaged. You will need to take a picture of the parcel for claiming purposes later.

When you request for a refund, please do request it under the reason of “Did not receive the order” as you have rejected the parcel.


If the product is found to be damaged after the courier has left:

  • Report the case within 24 hours of receipt via filling out this form HERE. Bullmart will hold the payment until the case is solved.

When you request for refund, please do request it under the reason of “Received a product with physical damage” and provide pictures of external packaging and the actual damaged item as supporting documents.


Upon submitting your Return/Refund Request, please contact the seller via Bullmart chat and share the pictures of the damaged external packaging and product.


If the seller agrees to refund, we will refund the amount to the buyer. If the seller rejects the refund, our Dispute Team will contact you for evidence. Please ensure that you have taken photos and videos of the damaged packaging and product(s).


⚠️ Note

Please do not click on “Order Received” until you have checked all products in the package and you are satisfied with the condition of the products.

[Requests] What if I would like to do an exchange?

Bullmart does not offer direct exchange between buyers and sellers. If you are not satisfied with the product(s) received, you can raise a return/refund request and then make another purchase for other products that you prefer.  


⚠️ Note

After raising a return/refund request, you’ll need to wait for the request to be accepted before you can ship the product(s) for return.  The refund will be processed once the product is checked and accepted by the seller.

[Requests] I have clicked “Order Received”, can I still raise return/refund request?

You can only raise a return/refund request if you have not selected Order Received on the Order Details page.


Once you have done so, Bullmart Guarantee for the order will be terminated and payment will be released to the seller. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have received your order in good condition before selecting Order Received.


If you face any issue with your order (e.g. wrong/damaged product received, invalid warranty) after confirming receipt, you may:

  • Reach out to the seller directly via Bullmart Chat to discuss how the issue can be resolved.
  • Contact Bullmart Customer Service for further assistance
[Requests] When and how will I receive my refund?

Once the seller receives your return parcel, they will check and acknowledge the receipt of the returned product. Your refund will be processed if there is no further discussion.


The refund will be initiated to your Bullmart Earnings within 3 to 5 working days after the seller confirmed on refund. 

[Requests] Who bears the shipping fee to return the parcel to seller?

Your return shipping cost will be borne by yourself if you return your order using the Self Arrange option. If you are returning the parcel with Bullmart Supported Logistics, the return shipping fee will be borne by Bullmart. 

[Requests] If my order contains more than one item but only one is damaged, can I accept the rest of the items and reject the only damaged item?

In the event where you received an damaged item from multiple items, you may request for a partial Return Refund by filling up the request form, and Bullmart team will arrange the return for you. 

[Requests] What are the supporting documents required for a refund request case?

Effective supporting documents will vary according to your reason for return/refund:


1. Damaged product

  • Photo(s) and/or video of the product, showing physical damage (e.g. cracks, defects) 
  • Photo(s) and/or video showing condition of the internal and external packaging of the parcel 


2. Faulty product

  • Photo(s) and/or video of the product, showing it does not work as intended (e.g. electronic device that does not work despite connecting to power source/battery inserted)


3. Incomplete/missing product

  • Photo(s) and/or video of the parcel received and products it contains
  • Photo of the Air Waybill (AWB) attached on the parcel that shows the content/weight of the parcel you should have received
  • Photo showing all the products received in the parcel on a weighing scale to show actual total weight


4. Wrong product

  • Photo(s) and/or video of the parcel received and products it contains 
  • Screenshot(s) of actual product from seller’s listing in Bullmart App
  • Photo of product being measured using a measuring tool (from one end to the other) if the product’s size is wrong.


5. Counterfeit product

  • Photo(s) and/or video of the parcel, the product and its packaging 
  • Photo of the AWB/consignment note attached on parcel 
  • Screenshots/URLs/other documents to show features of an authentic product (e.g. serial number, brand logo, images from official website)


Here are some guidelines for submitting supporting documents:

  • Follow the file size limit: 10 MB per photo, 30 MB (up to 1 min) per video
  • Provide good quality evidence that is clearly visible (not blurry/pixelated)
  • Provide close-up shots to show defects clearly for damaged products
  • Uploading video evidence is highly recommended for returns of faulty products
  • Provide chat history or other evidence showing prior negotiation with seller, if applicable


⚠️ Note

  • For non-receipt cases, buyers are not required to provide any documents. Bullmart will check with the seller and logistics partner to investigate the issue. 
  • If the seller can provide valid proof of shipment or the item is still in transit, the return/refund request will be rejected. If the item is lost in transit, the buyer will be refunded. 
[Requests] Will the shipping fee I paid be refunded if my order is returned/refunded?

The initial shipping fee that you paid for an order will be refunded to you if the following conditions are met:

  • Your return/refund request is for all products purchased from the same seller.
  • Your return/refund request is approved.


If you are requesting for a partial return of products purchased from one seller (e.g. 1 out of 2 products ordered, 2 out of 5 products ordered), you will not be eligible for shipping fee refund.

[Requests] How much refund will I get if I request for partial refund?

In Bullmart, there will be a formula for partial refund as the discount of shipping discount and voucher discount will be deducted during partial refund. Below will be the formula for partial refund:


Partial Refund Calculation Formula
1. Refund product price / Subtotal price x 100 = Percentage % of Refund product price
2. (Bullmart voucher & Seller voucher) x Percentage % of Refund product price = Price of Bullmart voucher & Seller voucher used for refund product
3. Refund product price – Price of Bullmart voucher & Seller voucher used for refund product = Refund Amount


1. RM20 / RM50 x 100 = 40%
2. (RM6 + RM2) x 40% = RM3.20
3. RM20 – RM3.20 = RM16.80