Refer A Friend

[Refer A Friend] How do my friends accept my Referral?

Once you’ve shared your Referral code, your friends will need to click on the link you sent along with the referral code and complete these steps:


  1. Download the Bullmart app on their phone.
  2. Sign up for a Bullmart account with your referral code.
  3. You will earn referral bonus when your friend had completed their order(s). 
[Refer A Friend] Where can I find my Referral history?

To find your Referral History, you may follow the steps below:


Bullmart app > Discover > Group


Your Referral history will show a list of friends that you have successfully referred and the bonus that you have earned.

Bonus will automatically be rewarded to your Bullmart Earnings once your friend registered an account with your Referral code and complete their orders in the Bullmart.