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[My Account] How to create account on Bullmart?

Before you create an account, do read Bullmart’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy first.


Once you have agreed to the above, you can sign up for a Bullmart account via our official Bullmart App or Bullmart Website. 


Sign up via Bullmart App

1. Go to the Discover tab on Bullmart App 

2. Sign Up 

3. Enter Phone Number 

4. Click on “Send” to get Verification Code

5. Enter Verification Code 

6. Enter Username

7. Set Password 

8. Sign up. 


Sign up via Bullmart Website

Select Sign Up on Bullmart Website > Enter Phone Number (without keying in the first number “0”) > Verify > Enter the Verification Code that sent to your SMS > Verify > Set Username > Set Password > SIGN UP


⚠️ Note

Set a strong password by using a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols for added security.

[My Account] How do I delete my Bullmart account?

To delete account, you may contact our customer service via Facebook Messenger, and our customer service agent will send you the link to request for account deletion. 


The removal of account will take up to 3 to 5 working days to be completed. 

[My Account] Why did I not receive my verification code/One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS?

If you did not receive your verification code or One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS, it could be due to 3 reasons:


1. You had entered the first number “0” of your phone number. You will only require to enter your phone number start from 1x-xxx xxxx. 


2. Network or connectivity issues

Try the following basic troubleshooting techniques:

  • Ensure that your phone line signal is full.
  • Resend a verification code (up to 4 attempts). 
  • Switch off your mobile phone, remove and re-insert your SIM card, then switch on your mobile phone again. After that, make another request for a verification code.


3. Account is linked to another phone number

Check your profile information to ensure that the correct phone number is linked to your Bullmart account.


Should the issue persist, contact Bullmart Customer Service.

[My Account] How Do I add my Bank Account?

Updating your bank account will be easier for you on checking out your orders. 


The steps to update your bank account are as below:

  1. Go to “Discover” tab in your Bullmart App
  2. Click on the “Setting” icon on top right
  3. Click on “Add Bank” that next to “My Bank Accounts”
  4. Enter your bank account details and click “Submit”

[My Account] How do I add/edit my email address?

You may edit your email via steps below in Bullmart App: 


Bullmart App > Discover > Setting icon (top right) > Email

[My Account] How do I add/edit my address?

You may edit your email via steps below in Bullmart App: 


Bullmart App > Discover > Setting icon (top right) > My Addresses > Add Address

[My Account] How do I log in to my Bullmart account?

You may log in to your Bullmart Account according to steps below:


Bullmart App

Discover > Click on “Log In”


Bullmart Web

Click on the “Sign In” on top right > Enter your registered phone number and password > Click “Sign In”

[My Account] How Do I Update My Birthday And Gender On Bullmart?

You may change your birthday and gender via steps below:


Bullmart App > Discover > Setting icon on top right > Birthday/Gender

[My Account] How do I change my username and shop name?

Due to security reason, username and shop name are not allowed to be changed once your account has been registered with Bullmart. 

[My Account] Why can't I log in to my Bullmart account?

Unsuccessful login attempts to your Bullmart account may occur due to the following reasons:


1. Incorrect password

Check that you have entered your password correctly. If you have forgotten your password, find out how you can reset your password


2. Expired verification code 

When you receive the verification code (OTP) sent via SMS to the phone number linked to your Bullmart account, ensure that you enter the verification code within the 60-second time limit. Otherwise, you’ll have to request for a new one to be sent again once the time limit is up. 


3. Technical issues

Login errors may sometimes occur due to technical issues. Ensure that your Bullmart App is updated to the latest version and that you’re using a stable internet connection.